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Cultural Studies and Cultural Industries in Northeast Asia: What a Difference a Region Makes

From the publisher’s website:

What difference does a region make? Are the new regional cultures of Northeast Asia the product of individuals fighting to overcome national trade barriers, or are they driven by governments promoting national interests in new ways? Are they the result of economic pursuits alone, or do cultural and political forces play a role? Cultural Studies and Cultural Industries in Northeast Asia takes a Cultural Studies approach to the cultural industries in Northeast Asia. The volume opens with an innovative section considering the discipline itself as a kind of cultural industry, highlighting the challenges and possibilities that arise from the context of Northeast Asia. Other essays on specific cultural industries and their products range in coverage from labor in the Korean animation industry to anti-Korean manga in Japan, the emergence of an East Asian brandscape, Chinese consumption of Japanese animation, the Asian regional strategy of the Pusan International Film Festival, and more.

Chris Berry is Professor of Film Studies at King’s College London. Nicola Liscutin is Head of the Japanese Department and Lecturer in Japanese Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London. Jonathan D. Mackintosh is Lecturer in Japanese Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Table of Contents

Introduction | Jonathan D. Mackintosh, Chris Berry, and Nicola Liscutin

I Reflections on Cultural Studies in/on Northeast Asia

  1. Reconsidering East Asian Connectivity and the Usefulness of Media and Cultural Studies | Koichi Iwabuchi
  2. Asian Cultural Studies: Recapturing the Encounter with the Heterogeneous in Cultural Studies | Michael Dutton
  3. How to Speak about Oneself: Theory and Identity in Taiwan | Mark Harrison

II Cultural Industries in Northeast Asia

  1. Placing South Korean Cinema into the Pusan International Film Festival: Programming Strategy in the Global/Local Context | SooJeong Ahn
  2. Global America? American-Japanese Film Co-productions from Shogun (1980) to Lost in Translation (2003) | Yoshi Tezuka
  3. In between the Values of the Global and the National: The Korean Animation Industry | Ae-Ri Yoon

III Discourse, Crossing Borders

  1. The Transgression of Sharing and Copying: Pirating Japanese Animation in China | Laikwan Pang
  2. The East Asian Brandscape: Distribution of Japanese Brands in the Age of Globalization | Shinji Oyama
  3. Korean Pop Music in China: Nationalism, Authenticity, and Gender | Rowan Pease

IV Nationalism and Transnationalism: The Case of Korea and Japan

  1. Surfing the Neo-Nationalist Wave: A Case Study of Manga Kenkanryu | Nicola Liscutin
  2. Melodrama, Exorcism, Mimicry: Japan and the Colonial Past in the New Korean Cinema | Mark Morris
  3. Reconsidering Cultural Hybridities: Transnational Exchanges of Popular Music in between Korea and Japan | Yoshitaka Mōri

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