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International Impact of Colonial Rule in Korea, 1910-1945

From the publisher’s website:

In recent years, discussion of the colonial period in Korea has centered mostly on the degree of exploitation or development that took place domestically, while international aspects have been relatively neglected. Colonial discourse, such as characterization of Korea as a “hermit nation,” was promulgated around the world by Japan and haunts us today. The colonization of Korea also transformed Japan and has had long-term consequences for post–World War II Northeast Asia as a whole.

Through sections that explore Japan’s images of Korea, colonial Koreans’ perceptions of foreign societies and foreign relations, and international perceptions of colonial Korea, the essays in this volume show the broad influence of Japanese colonialism not simply on the Korean peninsula, but on how the world understood Japan and how Japan understood itself. When initially incorporated into the Japanese empire, Korea seemed lost to Japan’s designs, yet Korean resistance to colonial rule, along with later international fear of Japanese expansion, led the world to rethink the importance of Korea as a future sovereign nation.

Yong Chool-Ha is the Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Social Science at the University of Washington. The contributors are Sang Sook JeonHakjoon KimDaeyeol KuSergey O. KurbanovJung Hwan LeeYumi MoonAndre SchmidNaoko Shimazu, and Kezhi Sun.


Introduction | Yong-Chool Ha

Part I: Colonial Policies for Forging Korea’s Image

  1. A Devil Appears in a Different Dress: Imperial Japan’s Deceptive Propaganda and Rationalization for Making Korea Its Colony | Hakjoon Kim
  2. Establishing Japanese National Identity and the “Choson Issue” | Sang Sook Jeon
  3. Japanese Propaganda in the United States from 1905 | Andre Schmid

Part II: Colonial Korea’s Perception of Foreign Societies

  1. The Impact of the Colonial Situation on International Perspectives in Korea: Active Imaginations, Wishful Strategies, and Passive Action | Yong-Chool Ha and Jung Hwan Lee
  2. Modern Utopia or “Animal Society”? The American Imaginaries in Wartime Colonial Korea, 1931-1945 | Yumi Moon

Part III: Foreign Societies’ Perceptions of Colonial Korea

  1. The British and American Perceptions of Korea during the Colonial Period | Daeyeol Ku
  2. Russian Perception of Koreans and the Japanese Colonial Regime in Korea during  the First Quarter of the Twentieth Century | Sergey O Kurbanov
  3. Chinese Understandings of Colonial Korea in Modern Times, 1910-1945: Observations and Reflections | Kezhi Sun
  4. Publicizing  Colonies: Representations of “Korea” and “Koreans” in Nippon | Naoko Shimazu

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