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The Japanese Colonial Legacy in Korea, 1910–1945: A New Perspective

From the publisher’s website:

The Japanese Colonial Legacy in Korea reexamines Japan’s policies in Korea from 1910 to 1945. The authors contend that Japan’s policies were moderate considering the magnitude of the colonial endeavor and were proportional when compared to the imperialist practices of Western nations. Drawing on recent scholarship, this study effectively contributes to the growing field of historical revisionism in Korean colonial history. Historical remembrance in South Korea unabashedly portrays the colonial era in a wholly negative light; The Japanese colonial regime is presented as an authoritarian regime that exploited the innocent Korean people. In some cases, academic circles in Asia and America have adopted positions that mirror the Korean historical paradigm.

Dr. Akita and Dr. Palmer challenge the pro-Korean nationalist narrative by using a plethora of archival documents written by the highest echelons of Japan’s leadership. These documents, written by men such as Yamagata Aritomo and Hara Kei, reveal the origins and reasonableness of Japanese colonial policies, especially when shown in light of Japan’s strong legalist tradition. A more nuanced view of Japan’s rule in Korea is achieved by juxtaposing it to the Europeans’ record in Asia and Africa. Furthermore, this work highlights various ways that Japan’s colonial interlude contributed to South Korea’s postwar industrialization.

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