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Interviews with North Korean Defectors: From Kim Shin-jo to Thae Yong-ho

Author: ,
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Publisher: , 2021
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From the publisher’s website:

Originally compiled and written by North Korean defector and author Lim Il, this English-language edition, thoroughly annotated by Dr. Adam Zulawnik, is a fascinating collection of thirty-four interviews with highly prominent North Korean defectors residing in South Korea, ranging from religious figures, to artists, politicians, North Korea experts, and even divers and subway train operators.

The 34 interviews herein are listed chronologically according to their date of arrival to South Korea and span almost 70 years. The book also includes six special columns addressing key issues pertaining to North Korean defectors and their lives in South Korea, such as the relationship between North Korean defectors and their South Korean counterparts (South Korean defectors to North Korea), nomenclature (how North Korean defectors have been referred to in South Korean society over time), arrival and settlement provisions from the South Korean government, the nuanced difference between defectorsdefector-residents, and the displaced, North Korean defector-residents and their position in South Korean politics, and a short biography of five notable North Korean defector-residents who were not interviewed.

The book is a valuable testament to North Korean defector-residents and unique in that it provides a candid account of each individual’s experience. It will prove to be especially useful to students and scholars seeking to understand the complex dynamics of North Korean society and the status of exiles in South Korea, and a vital resource for students of Korean Studies.

Table of Contents

The infinity symbol (∞) is used to separate interviewee occupations prior to and after defection to South Korea. The interviews are listed chronologically based on the year of defection to South Korea.

Translator’s Preface
Introduction by Source Text Author, Lim Il
1. Kim Shin-jo | Korean People’s Army Soldier ∞ Pastor
2. Ahn Chan-il | Korean People’s Army Soldier ∞ Chairman of Sungy Dongji Association
3. Chon Chol-woo | Exchange Student in Germany ∞ President of Gohyang FS
4. Kang Chol-hwan | Yodok Prison Camp Inmate ∞ North Korea Strategy Center Chairman
5. Im Young-sun | Soldier of Korean People’s Army ∞ Chairman of The Committee for the Nine Northern Korean Provinces
Special Column: South Korean Defectors and North Korean Defector-Residents
6. Kim Tae-bom | North Korean Logger in Russia ∞ Director of the Peace Unith Korea Defectore Alliance
7. Kang Myung-do | Premier Kang Sung-san’s Son-in-Law | University Professor
8. Cho Myung-chul | Teacher at Kim Il-Sung University ∞ Member of the 19th National Assembly (2012), politician
9. Ahn Myeong-cheol | Security Guard in the DPRK Army ∞ President of NK Watch
10. Jeong Seong-san | DPRK Soldier ∞ Musical Director
Special Column: North Korean Defectors-Residents and Naming Problems
11.  Rhee Min-bok | Agricultural Researcher ∞ Leader of Anti-North Korean Balloon propaganda program
12. Han Yong-su | DPRK Soldier ∞ First North Korean Subway Train Operator
13. Jeong Nam | Railway Worker ∞ President of Glov Co., Ltd. (Sunflower oil producer)
14. Shim Ju-il | DPRK Soldier ∞ Head of North Korean Soldiers of Christ Association
15. Kim Seong-min | DPRK Soldier ∞ Founder and President of Free North Korea Radio
Special Column: Arrival Support and Benefits
16. Park Sang-hak | Trader ∞ Chairperson of Fighters for a Free North Korea
17. Hong Sun-kyung | DPRK Envoy to Thailand ∞ North Korea Expert
18. Joo Myung-shin | University Teacher ∞ Chairperson of North Korean Defector Artists’ Association
19. Park Kwang-il | Middle School Teacher ∞ Chair of Youth Forum of North Korea Democratization
20. Song Byeok | jik’gwan seondong (propaganda) Operative ∞ Artist
Special Column: Displaced Persons and North Korean Defector-Residents
21. Kim Tae-san | President of Joseon-Czech Joint Footwear Venture ∞ North Korea Expert
22. Joo Seung-hyun | DPRK Soldier ∞ University Professor
23. Kim Heung-kwang | University Teacher ∞ Director of the North Korean Intellectuals Solidarity
24. Jeon Ju-myeong | Youth Worker ∞ President of Unity Preparations North Korean Defectors’ Association
25. Park Seong-jin | University Student ∞ Sohaegeum Musician
Special Column: North Korean Defector-Residents and South Korean Politics
26. Park Myung-ho | Party Loyalist  ∞ First North Korean Defector-Resident Diver
27. Ji Seong-ho | Disabled Youth ∞ President of NAUH
28. Lee Ung-gil | University Student ∞ President of Saeteomin Lounge (New Residents’ Lounge)
29. Jang Se-yul | University Teacher ∞ Leader of Gyeore’eol Unification Solidarity
30. Choi Hyeon-jun | Protection Agent ∞ President of Unification Future Solidarity
Special column: Other Notable North Korean Defector-Residents
31. Kim In-chul | Trader ∞ President of Jiwon Publishing
32. Im Kang-jin | DPRK Soldier ∞ Private Business Operator
33. Thae Yong-ho | North Korean Minister in the UK ∞ North Korea Expert
34. Exclusive Interview with Author Lim Il | Construction Worker in Kuwait ∞ Writer
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