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North Korean Defectors in Diaspora: Identities, Mobilities, and Resettlements

This edited collection investigates the mobilities, resettlement practices, and identities of North Korean defectors who have relocated to the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, and South Korea. The contributors to this volume examine the complex nature of defection from North Korea, highlighting the ways in which defectors renegotiate their identities in order to adapt and settle in new societies as well as the implications these differing narratives have on future policy decisions.

HaeRan Shin is professor of geography at Seoul National University.

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Introduction | HaeRan Shin, Kyung Hyo Chun,  Hyunuk Lee

Section 1. Keeping moving – North Korean defectors

Chapter 1. From Linked to Linking Agency: Transnational Ties of North Korean Defectors Living in Japan | Hyunuk Lee, Seok Hyang Kim
Chapter 2: Adaptation of North Korean Defector Families Who Resettled in South Korea after having left the South | Heuijeong Kim
Chapter 3: “I opened my eyes” – Female North Korean Defectors’ Journey from Precarity to Empowerment | HaeRan Shin

Section 2. Life outside the Korean Peninsula – North Korean Defectors’ Settlements

Chapter 4: Do They Get Along? Interactions Between North Korean Defectors and South Korean Migrants in London | HaeRan Shin
Chapter 5: Communication of North Korean Defector Families Through Transnational Migration | Heuijeong Kim
Chapter 6: De-bordering North Korea – Remittances and Global Networks | HaeRan Shin

Section 3. North Korean Identities Reconstituted as They Muddle Through

Chapter 7: Representation and Self-Presentation of North Korean Defectors in South Korea: Image, Discourse, and Voices | Kyung Hyo Chun
Chapter 8: North Korean Nation-Building Outside North Korea | HaeRan Shin

Conclusion: Looking to the Future | HaeRan Shin and Kyung Hyo Chun

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