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Shadow Education and the Curriculum and Culture of Schooling in South Korea

Publisher: , 2016
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From the publisher’s website:

This book enables Western scholars and educators to recognize the roles and contributions of shadow education/hakwon education in an international context. The book allows readers to redefine the traditional and limited understanding of the background  success behind Korean schooling and to expand their perspectives on Korean hakwon education, as well as shadow education in other nations with educational power, such as Japan, China, Singapore, and Taiwan. Kim exhorts readers and researchers to examine shadow education as an emerging research inquiry in the context of postcolonial and worldwide curriculum studies.

Young Chun Kim is Professor in the Department of Education at Chinju National University of Education, Republic of Korea. His academic research areas are curriculum theorizing, qualitative research, and postcolonial and transnational curriculum studies.


  1. PISA, Korean Students’ World-class Achievements and Dark Side of Korean Schooling
  2. History of Shadow Education in Korea
  3. Types of Hakwon Education
  4. Elementary School Years
  5. Middle School Years
  6. High School Years
  7. Good and Bad Effects of Hakwon Education
  8. Hakwon Education as a Worldwide Curriculum Question

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