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The Scorpion

Translated by: ,
Publisher: , 2018

In mainstream literature, it is not unusual to find a great novel whose themes are simultaneously universal and local. humanity and the human condition can be represented through characters and events that reflect the environment of an author living in a specific time and place. In the case of The Scorpion, the 13th novel by Kim Won-il, one of Korea’s most acclaimed contemporary writers, the crippling repercussions of childhood trauma- trauma that has occured and still occurs today in every culture across the globe- are shown against the setting of Korea’s tortured history. The Scorpion, can be read both as historical fiction and as a contemporary crime novel.

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What is it with Singapore publishers? None of their books seem to be available in any of the regular western outlets. At least you appear to be able to get this one from the publisher (see link above). But with Stallion Press they might as well never have published the thing in the first place.

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