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Translation and Modernization in East Asia in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Editor: Lawrence Wang-chi Wong
Author: ,
Publisher: , 2017
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From the publisher’s website:

This volume aims at studying the role played by translation in the modernization process of the East Asian countries. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many people saw the West as a model for modernization and hence modernization in East Asia was more often than not taken as a process of learning from or even imitating the West. In this process, translation played a crucial role, when efforts were made to import Western ideas, knowledge, concepts, and practices. The papers in this volume study and explain the various translation phenomena in the modernization processes of China, Korea, and Japan.

Lawrence Wang-chi Wong is chairman and professor of humanities at the Department of Translation, and director of the Research Centre for Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His major research areas are modern Chinese literature, Hong Kong studies, and translation history of early-modern and modern China. He has single-authored 14 books and over 130 academic articles and book chapters in these fields. He is also the executive editor of Renditions and chief editor of the Journal of Translation Studies and Studies in Translation History.


  • Introduction | Lawrence Wang-chi WONG
  • The Meiji Government’s Strategic Deployment of Non-Fiction: Translation as a Vehicle of Modernization | Judy WAKABAYASHI
  • Translated Modernity and Gender Politics in Colonial Korea | Hyaeweol CHOI
  • Rejuvenating the Nation: Translation, Nationalism, and the Establishment of Children’s Literature in Korea in the Early Twentieth Century | Theresa HYUN
  • The Project of the Modernization of Chinese Historiography: Translation, Diffusion, and Convergence | Hans KÜHNER
  • Translating Authority: In Search of Commensurability between Tianxia World Order and Western Sovereignty | Maria Adele CARRAI
  • “Entrance into the Family of Nations”: Translation and the First Diplomatic Missions to the West, 1860s–1870s | Lawrence Wang-chi WONG
  • Civilization in Transformation: Liang Qichao’s Theory and Practice of Translation, 1890s–1920s | Satoru HASHIMOTO
  • The First Translations of the Italian Literary Avant-Garde Movement in the Chinese Press at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century | Alessandra BREZZI
  • World of Fiction, Fiction of the World: The Butterfly Translation of Modernity in Story World Magazine | John Christopher HAMM
  • Negotiating Chinese Modernity through the Translation of Tears: Two “Foreign” Tragic Love Stories from Early Twentieth-Century China | Yun ZHU
  • From “Geschäftiger Geist” to “Zeitgeist”: On Guo Moruo’s Translation of Goethe’s Faust | Pu WANG

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