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Conference report: the 2006 BAKS conference

The BAKS conference in Sheffield last week had a broad range of speakers. What follows is a personal response to the proceedings, and isn’t meant to be in any way an official account. I apologise to those speakers to whom I devote fewer words. No disrespect is intended. In any occasion like this, some talks … [Read More]

Mingei one-day workshop at the British Museum

Those who enjoyed the Traditional Yet Contemporary exhibition during the Korean Festival this year may appreciate this one-day workshop at the British Museum on 9 September, 10am-6pm. While the focus is on Japanese work, there is a common thread with the exhibition earlier this year: Bernard Leach. One or two of his works were on … [Read More]

BAKS conference agenda announced

The British Association for Korean Studies has finalised the programme for their 2006 conference. Full details below. Anyone interested in attending is invited to submit an application form (pasted in below) which should reach the Conference Organiser no later than Monday 21 August. British Association for Korean Studies 2006 Biennial Conference Programme Theme: ‘Generations in … [Read More]

Oxford to retain Korean Studies programme

From yesterday’s Korea Times. Thanks to Aidan FC for spotting this. Oxford University will continue to run its Korean studies program, which was initially scheduled to close down in June 2007, thanks to financial support a Korean nonprofit organization and a private company. The Korea Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting international understanding of … [Read More]

Think Korea: UK-Korea Forum

A two-day conference as part of Think Korea 2006: The UK-Korea Forum for the Future – 14th Annual Meeting 8-9 June 2006 Sheraton Park Tower Hotel, Knightsbridge Programme Thursday 8 June am call by the Korean delegation on the Foreign Secretary 12:45 for 13:00 Lunch, Guest Speaker 14:45 The Lord Richard and Dr Han Seung-Soo, … [Read More]

Korean Ceramics: Arts and Techniques. Or, Why don’t people talk to each other?

KOREAN CERAMICS: ARTS AND TECHNIQUES TALK BY DAUPHINE SCALBERT Thursday 25 May 2006, 6.30-7.30pm at Asia House Dauphine Scalbert is a distinguished French potter who, having spent 6 years studying pottery and restoring antique ceramics in Korea, has Korean pots in her blood. Her copiously illustrated talk at Asia House last night was an interesting … [Read More]

BAKS Spring Newsletter published

Here’s a link. Lots of interesting stuff, including news of a new blog on Korean history,, which I’ll add to the static pages on my main site. They are also good enough to plug my site, which is very good of them, seeing as the plug was unsolicited. To return the favour, please join … [Read More]

Jeon Jemin, ed Kevin O’Rourke: Korean Stories

(Eul & Al, 2004) A strange collection. Confucian stories, Buddhist stories, and some essays which though brief remind you of the disjointed ramblings of a genial but slightly senile grandfather. One of the essays does explain, though, why the bedwetting boy in one of the short films in the collection If you were me is … [Read More]

What a difference a region makes

East Asian popular culture currents and counter-currents, Birkbeck College, 17/18 March 2006 Thanks to Chris Berry (Goldsmiths) and Nicola Liscutin (Birkbeck) for putting together a stimulating day and a half symposium discussing regional popular culture in East Asia. Presentations mainly covered the creative industries in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The focus on Taiwan was puzzling, … [Read More]