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    • Discovering Korean Cinema book launch at the KCC

      For those keen to find out more about Korean film there’s an interesting talk, together with a book launch, at the KCC on Tuesday 23 November. Three distinguished speakers: Daniel Martin will be chairing the panel and giving a brief talk on the history of the LKFF, Mark Morris will be talking about War films, … [Read More]

      Call For Papers: Korean Horror Cinema (Edinburgh University Press, 2012)

      Abstracts are sought for a collection on Korean Horror Cinema to be published by Edinburgh University Press in 2012. Deadline for proposals: 1 December 2010. South Korean cinema is of rapidly increasing international importance, and this collection offers an informative overview of its most appealing, culturally significant and critically fascinating genre: horror. Korean cinema was … [Read More]

      Korea Yearbook 2008

      Korea Yearbook 2008 Eds Rüdiger Frank, James E Hoare, Patrick Köllner, Susan Pares Brill, 2009 The 2008 Korea Yearbook – Politics, Economy and Society does many of the things that a reader might expect: it contains a collection of papers which review the key developments in its chosen subject areas for the past year. At … [Read More]

      Book review: Kim Young-jin on Lee Chang-dong

      (Seoul Selection, 2007) I can imagine that there was a certain amount of discussion about the timing of this book. After a break of some years — enforced by his stint as Roh Moo-hyun’s first Minister for Culture and Tourism — the well-regarded director Lee Chang-dong was active again. His new film, with two of … [Read More]

      Upcoming books on Korean film

      Just as the Korean film scene seems to be losing some of its buzz, books about it are coming thick and fast. 2004 saw the Wallflower Press book (though it seems only last year that it came out); 2005 saw the Julian Stringer / Shin Chi-yun book; and last year came the book on Kim … [Read More]

      Book review: Kim Hong-joon: Kim Ki-young

      Kim Ki-young, Ed Kim Hong-joon KOFIC Korean Film Directors Series Seoul Selection, 2007 KOFIC’s enterprise in bringing out this series is greatly to be welcomed. This current instalment is particularly welcome as English-language materials on Kim Ki-young are few and far between. (Chris Berry’s web project, House of Kim Ki-young, seems to be out of … [Read More]

      Chung Sung-ill: Im Kwon-taek

      (Seoul Selection, 2007) Together with its sister publication, the work on Kim Ki-young, this book is the fourth and fifth in KOFIC’s series of monographs on individual Korean directors. It’s also the first time that KOFIC has charged for them. The first three were available for free download from the KOFIC website: these are only … [Read More]

      Adrien Gombeaud and others: Kim Ki-duk

      (Dis Voir, 2006) Adrien Gombeaud / Anaïd Demir / Cédric Lagandré / Catherine Capdeville-Zeng / Daniele Rivière The best French organists are known for their improvisation skills. Suggest a theme, and they will start a journey from it, sometimes referring back to it but often exploring strange new vistas completely unrelated to it. The essays … [Read More]

      Fetishes, Phalluses and Mini-skirts – a review of The Remasculinization of Korean Cinema

      Kyung Hyun Kim: The Remasculinization of Korean Cinema Duke University Press, 2004 This book is for a restricted academic readership only. I can empathise with the feeling of inadequacy, crisis and male lack which, according to Kim, plagues the majority of protagonists in Korean film (though there is a difference between me and them, namely … [Read More]

      Kim Jong-il’s book on cinema

      Filmbrain has spotted – and bought and, even more nobly, read – a translation of Kim Jong-il’s On the Art of Cinema. A snip at £22.50 from Amazon. I’ll add it to my wishlist, but I’m afraid it’s not top of the list! Thanks to atom over at for spotting this. Links: Buy at … [Read More]