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Ghosts of Jeju to get another London screening

Eighteen months ago there was a screening of this documentary about the 4:3 incident also known as the Jeju Massacre. There’s now an opportunity to see it again at a deli in Deptford on 27 April as part of the Free Film Festival. Free event. No ticket required, but capacity is only 40 so get … [Read More]

Looking back at 2014: Culture, sport and tourism

In the first of four articles looking back over 2014, we recall some of the culture, sports and heritage stories that made the news. Arts Dansaekhwa emerged as flavour of the year. Following the MMCA exhibition in 2013 and Joan Kee’s book, Kukje Gallery had a monochrome retrospective, and dansaekhwa artists were included in MMCA … [Read More]

Burberry – the favoured brand of Korean flashers

In the last decade, British fashion brand Burberry manage to rescue itself from the chav associations caused by too liberal licensing of its check design to companies it couldn’t control. But you can’t control the use to which a raincoat is put. And according to the Hankyoreh: Burberry coats have long been sought after in … [Read More]

NLCS Jeju featured in the Telegraph

This week the Daily Telegraph featured the Jeju campus of North London Collegiate School: a piece of Stanmore in Seogwipo. The boarding school has now been running for two years. You can’t help but be inspired by the enjoyment, enthusiasm and confidence of the students, even though they are being taught in what, to them, … [Read More]

The Ghosts of Jeju to screen at SOAS

Those who are eager to watch Jiseul (and here’s hoping it will be getting a London screening soon) will want to watch this documentary to fill in some of the background. It also provides context to the protests about the Gangjeong naval base. The Ghosts of Jeju Dir: Regis Tremblay, 2013, 80 mins Brunei Gallery, … [Read More]

Edinburgh Fringe visit: Norian Maro — Pudasi

Norian Maro is a performance group based in Jeju-do which was founded in 2005 as a samulnori group. It has since broadened its range, so that the piece presented at the Edinburgh Fringe this year was a mixture of shamanistic and folk music as well as the familiar village percussion sounds, together with some contemporary … [Read More]

Opposing the War Base on ‘The Island of Peace’

There’s a lively group of campaigners in London dedicated to publicising the issues surrounding the construction of a new naval base on Jeju-do. This Thursday evening there’s an opportunity to hear the arguments, and also to buy T-shirts, books and jewellery from Gangjeong Village where the base is being constructed. Jeju Island, South Korea: Opposing … [Read More]

Jiseul – a film to watch out for in 2013

It won awards at Busan where it premiered in the 2012 festival, and it will be showing at Sundance and Rotterdam: Jiseul (지슬) – a sombre film about the 1948 Jeju Uprising, written and directed by Jeju resident O Muel (오멸). It might not be an easy film to watch, but it’s an important part … [Read More]

Mikhail Karikis: SeaWomen of Jejudo at The Wapping Project

The story and harsh livelihood of Jeju-do’s famous diving women have always captivated artists and documentary-makers who have come across them. From Kyung-sook Schoenman’s photo spread in National Geographic a decade or so ago, via Barbara Hammer’s documentary film “Diving Women of Jeju-do” and Brenda Paik Sunwoo’s more recent photobook “Moon Tides: Jeju Island Grannies … [Read More]

Park Kwangsu at the KCC #2: The Uprising

The attractions of today’s second screening of Park Kwang-su month include Lee Jeong-jae in period costume and a brief glimpse of Shim Eun-ha dressed as one of Jeju Island’s famous diving women. But in general people find this particular movie as dull as ditchwater. The Uprising (1999) Director: Park Kwangsu Running Time: 110 mins Date: … [Read More]