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Witty Specsavers ad irritates academics

The quick-thinking Specsavers ad capitalising on the Olympic flag gaffe seems to have ruffled a feather in academic circles for being written in bad Korean. So what if “Specsavers” should be at the beginning of the sentence? Putting it there would have completely baffled the non-Korean speaking audience it’s aimed at. [Read More]

Oh dear

The first mess-up of the games: I really don’t blame the North Korean team for walking off. (Image source) Links: North Korea Threatens to Destroy Glasgow in a ‘Sea of Fire’, Dokdo Times, 26 July 2012 [Read More]

KTO events to celebrate the Olympics

Not to be outdone by the Korean Cultural Centre, the Korean Tourism Organisation is sponsoring a number of events during the Olympic season: K-pop & Korean Culture Experience Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, SW3 4RY 26 Jul – 23 Sep Korean Eye Exhibition presents the largest collection of contemporary Korean art to … [Read More]

Join the Cheer for Korea Olympic Flashmob

For those who want to join in cheering for the Korean athletes, there’s a rehearsal down in Raynes Park this Saturday. You’ll be learning how to sing and dance to Psy’s official cheering song, imaginatively called “Korea”. It goes something like this: More details on Facebook: [Read More]

Pyeongchang wins the 2018 Winter Olympics

On Radio 4 this morning an Ex British Olympic chief tipped Pyeongchang to win the 2018 winter olympics by 10 votes today. # Congratulations to the bid team. BBC Sport – Pyeongchang will host the 2018 Winter Olympics # Inevitably, a lot of the attention became focussed on Kim Yu-na, “Kim Yu-na’s Pyeongchang fashion” … [Read More]

Kim Yu-na’s record-breaking gold

Congratulations to Kim Yu-na on record-breaking gold at Vancouver 2010. According to the BBC: It will go down as one of the greatest performances in figure skating history, and is South Korea’s first medal at the Winter Olympics in a sport other than speed skating. A couple of days ago the Chosun Ilbo was trying … [Read More]

Korea at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

by Aashish Gadhvi The Beijing Olympics was a fortnight of sporting gold, a plethora of the world’s top athletes going head to head in the greatest show on Earth. This year’s Olympics was always going to be major headlines, not just for the sports but also for the tirade of anti-Chinese media which preceded it … [Read More]

Olympics opening ceremony

For sports fans, admirers of spectacle and connoisseurs of lipsynching techniques, the footage of the Olympics opening ceremony has been released on DVD. I didn’t see the ceremony, but can imagine that aspects of it must be rather like Pyongyang’s mass games. The DVD is available from YesAsia and other good stores: [Read More]

PyeongChang beaten fair and square?

So Korea is not to host the 2014 winter games. Beaten by Sochi in Russia. Cynics will say that the real winners from PyeongChang’s energetic campaign were CNN, who gave PyeongChang’s campaign global reach by screening the commercials (HT to Tom Coyner). Despite the optimism (above), did Korea ever have a hope? A cutting article … [Read More]