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Get plastered and win a holiday in Cheju-do

SojuNot any more, though. Reports of a rather fun “drinking culture” competition hit the presses this week. The story even made it into the free newspaper handed out in the London Underground.

Battered by criticism from the media and civic groups, Goesan’s county government decided to stop awarding its “Drinking Culture Prize” to its county employees who boosted the local economy the most by drinking at bars.

Ahn Byung-hoon, an official of the county in North Chungcheong, said yesterday the county government will abolish the prize, which it introduced on May 1.

Three county employees were awarded for drinking heavily in local bars for more than 20 years. They were given a three-day trip to Jeju Island and a plaque for what the local government said was their contribution to the local economy.

“The local economy is suffering because restaurants and bars have few customers at night,” said a government official who declined to be named. “These employees are devoting themselves to boosting the local economy by drinking after work.”


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