Looking back at 2015: Culture, sport and tourism

by Philip Gowman on 8 January, 2016

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In the first of four articles looking back over 2015, we recall some of the culture, sports and heritage stories that made the news.


Baekje crown ornaments + Jeju pig

The Gold Diadem Ornaments of Baekje’s King Muryeong. And a Jeju Black Pig

Arts and culture

Cho Seong-jin

Cho Seong-jin (photo: Chopin Competition)


Ji So-Yun

Ji So-Yun: PFA Women’s Players’ Player of the Year

Tourism infrastructure and branding




Computer image of the Universal Studios

Computer image of the Universal Studios to be built in Songsan Green City in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi (image: K-Water)

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