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A Sensory Awakening – the beauty of Korean teabowls

Visiting Collect at Somerset House over the weekend, I got talking to Mr Park Jinsoo of Han Collection who, as in previous years, had a wonderful selection of ceramics from Icheon to show to the public. As I was about to leave, he passed me a handbill for their upcoming exhibition of tea bowls.

Details are not yet up on the Han Collection website, and my scanner has just given up the ghost, so I am unable to display the handbill here. So, with an illustration of a tea bowl from one of the artists whose work will be shown in the exhibition, I offer the following information from the handbill, supplemented by details from their Instagram account and some additional information Mr Park gave me;

A Sensory Awakening – the beauty of Korean teabowls

Han Collection | 33 Museum Street | Bloomsbury | London WC1A 1LH
3 March – 30 March 2022
Artists: Cheon Han-bong | Ji Soon-tak | Kim Mun-ho | Lee Song-am | Shin Sang-ho | Song Gijin | Yu Byungho

A tea bowl by Kim Mun-ho
Tea bowl by Kim Mun-ho. Image courtesy the artist and Han Collection

Han Collection proudly presents our new exhibition coming this March, dedicated to the beauty of Korean Teawares. We will be featuring work from all generations of Korean potters to showcase a wide range of teacups and tea bowls from the modern and contemporary periods (of course, we cannot resist showcasing some of our antique pieces too!).

Our aim for this exhibition is to educate and inform beginners and tea connoisseurs alike about the objective beauty of Korean ceramics, and demonstrate the diversity within Korean Heritage Craft – distinguished from other forms of Tea cultures.

Please stay tuned for more information, coming soon!

Special events

  • 3 March: special collaboration with Postcard Teas at the gallery
  • 12 March: gallery talk on Korean tea culture

Hopefully full details will be up on the gallery website soon.


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