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20 Years 20 Days: Reflections from Prison

Publisher: , 2021

Exact publication date not known. Visit the publisher’s website for up-to-date info

Reflections from Prison is a collection of  letters and essays from renowned Korean thinker Shin Young-Bok written during his 20 years as a political prisoner under the military government.

​The letters range from post cards to tiny characters squeezed onto his Army Prison daily ration of two sheets of toilet paper. They provide a window not only onto his personal suffering during imprisonment on a life tariff, but also more importantly, how he pulled crystal-clear wisdom from deep reflections on Korean society, history, and human relationships.

Reminding us of Nelson Mandela, he is a symbol of long-suffering, and at the same time, of great triumph through strict self-restraint and self-discipline. He emerged as a great teacher of numerous Korean intellectuals. Since its publication in 1987, a year before his release, Reflections from the Prison, has been a steady-seller for over 30 years in Korea.

​Now well-settled as a Korean classic, it still enjoys its status as a book of healing and insight, teaching and changing people through its inspiration and wisdom. With this translation, our objective is to share with readers abroad the precious experience of illumination and awakening that Korean readers have enjoyed.