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Broken Summer

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2023
Original title: 부서진 여름, 2021

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From Kyobo bookstore website, run through Papago:

Lee Jung-myung’s new novel “Broken Summer,” which opened a new horizon for Korean-style fiction, was published by Ginkgo Tree Publishing Company with works that exquisitely combine big materials such as “Deep Root Tree,” “Flower Garden of the Wind,” and “Wind Passing the Star.” The new work Broken Summer, which guarantees excellent psychological description, detailed narrative, dramatic tension, and Lee Jung-myung’s outstanding readability, depicts how lies and misunderstandings intervene in human life, destroying happy and disconnected families and taking their lives through twisted fate. The illusion and misunderstanding of three men and women who are intertwined like a chain due to the murder of an 18-year-old high school girl in a local city. Punishment and revenge that occurs by misunderstanding the truth and mistaking the revealed facts as false. Through the three men and women, the novel shows the euphemism of life that the destroyed time like fate cannot be easily reversed. It also reflects on what the truth that causes pain to everyone leaves behind in human life, and asks whether the illusion and misunderstanding that support life exist next to us in the name of love or happiness.