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Digital Media, Online Activism, and Social Movements in Korea

From the publisher’s website:

Digital Media, Online Activism, and Social Movements in Korea deepens the current understanding of online activism and its impacts on society by highlighting how various forms of social movements have been mobilized in Korea. Through exploring movements in Korea such as political participation based on SNS, the 2008 U.S. beef protests, and the 2016-2017 candlelight vigils, the contributors study the intersection of digital media platforms, current trends, and social, cultural, and political conditions within Korean society. Using a wide range of events and movements, this book analyzes how people have utilized the development of digital media to facilitate social movements and effect social change.

Dr. Hojeong Lee teaches media studies in the Department of Media Studies and Production at Temple University.

Dr. Joong-Hwan Oh is professor of sociology at Hunter College of The City University of New York.


Introduction | Hojeong Lee, Joong-Hwan Oh

  1. Diversity of Online News Media: Source and Frame Analyses | Dong Geun Lee and In Cheol Min
  2. Constructing Collective Memory in the Digital Era: An Analysis of News Stories on the Former President’s Death | Hojeong Lee
  3. Relationships between Online Users’ Perceived Journalistic Roles and News Engagement: The Moderating Role of Credibility | Asraful Alam and Kyun Soo Kim
  4. A Functional Analysis of the 2007 South Korean Presidential Campaign Blogs | Sung Wook Hwang and William L. Benoit
  5. The Influence of Blog Posting on Issue Involvement and Political Participation | Nohil Park
  6. YouTube Videos as a Means of Grassroots Mobilization in Korea’s Candlelight Movements: “Learning from YouTube” Revisited | Gooyong Kim and Dong-Hyun Byun
  7. Who Talks Politics?: An Empirical Study of Online and Offline Casual Political Communication | Taewoo Nam
  8. The Internet and Social Media: Integrated Consequences for Political Discussion for Korean College Students | Najin Jun
  9. Why Does the Press Still Matter? Explaining the Conditional Effects of Online Mobilization of Protest on Newspaper Market Structures in Asia | Shin Haeng Lee
  10. Digital Revolution or Digital Dominance? Regime Type, Internet Control, and Political Activism in East Asia | Min-Hua Huang and Wen Hong
  11. Does SNS make Gender Differences in Political Participation? South Korean Case Study | Kyong-Jae Song, Seok-Jin Lew and Heisung Kum
  12. Revisiting the Cultural Logic of Politics in the Digital Age: Internet Use, Personalization of Political Action, and Asian Values | Shin Haeng Lee
  13. Determinants of Unaffiliated Citizen Protests: The Korean Candlelight Protests of 2016-2017 | WooJin Kang
  14. A Matter of Trust and Utility? Perceptions of Online Political Content, Protest, and Political Participation in South Korea | Hyun Tae Kim, Kyung Bo Kim, Halley Hyun-kyung Oh, and Yeon Kyoung Joo
  15. Same Despair but Different Hope: Youth Activism in East Asia and Contentious Politics | Yunjeong Joo
  16. #MeToo in South Korea: A Comparative Analysis of Feminist Perspectives in a Cultural Context | Chris Larsen

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