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Hallyu 2.0: The Korean Wave in the Age of Social Media

From the publisher’s website:

Collectively known as Hallyu, Korean music, television programs, films, online games, and comics enjoy global popularity, thanks to new communication technologies. In recent years, Korean popular culture has also become the subject of academic inquiry. Whereas the Hallyu’s impact on Korea’s national image and domestic economy, as well as on transnational cultural flows, have received much scholarly attention, there has been little discussion of the role of social media in Hallyu’s propagation.

Contributors to Hallyu 2.0: The Korean Wave in the Age of Social Media explore the ways in which Korean popular cultural products are shared by audiences around the globe; how they generate new fans, markets, and consumers through social media networks; and how scholars can analyze, interpret, and envision the future of this unprecedented cultural phenomenon.


Introduction. A Decade of Hallyu Scholarship: :Toward a New Direction in Hallyu 2.0 | Sangjoon Lee

Part 1. New Agendas

1. Hallyu versus Hallyu-hwa: Cultural Phenomenon versus Institutional Campaign | JungBong Choi
2. New Perspectives on the Creative Industries in the Hallyu 2.0 Era: Global-Local Dialectics in Intellectual Properties | Dal Yong Jin

Part 2. Rethinking K-Pop

3. New Wave Formations: K-Pop Idols, Social Media, and the Remaking of the Korean Wave | Eun-Young Jung
4. Uniformity and Nonconformity: The Packaging of Korean Girl Groups | Roald Maliangkay
5. Of the Fans, by the Fans, for the Fans: The JYJ Republic | Seung-Ah Lee

Part 3. Korean TV Drama and Social Media

6. The Interactive Nature of Korean TV Dramas: Flexible Texts, Discursive Consumption, and Social Media | Youjeong Oh
7. Meta-Hallyu TV: Global Publicity, Social Media, and the Citizen Celebrity | Michelle Cho
8. From Diaspora TV to Social Media: Korean TV Dramas in America | Sangjoon Lee

Part 4. Global Receptions of Hallyu 2.0

9. Hating the Korean Wave in Japan: The Exclusivist Inclusion of Zainichi Koreans in Nerima Daikon Brothers | Hye Seung Chung
10. Consuming the Other: Israeli Hallyu Case Study | Irina Lyan and Alon Levkowitz
11. RIP Gangnam Style | Brian Hu
Afterword. Before the Wave: The Difference and Indifference of Hallyu Beta through 2.0 | Abé Mark Nornes

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