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Korean Short Stories: A Collection from North Korea

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Publisher: , 2003.
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A collection of short stories from North Korea, originally published in Pyongyang in 1986:

History of Iron (1967) – Pyon Hui Gun
Happiness (1963) – Sok Yun Gi
Ogi (1961) – Chon Se Bong
Fellow Travellers (1960) – Kim Byong Hun
Everyone in Position! (1974) – Om Dan Ung
Unfinished Sculpture (post 1980) – Ko Byong Sam

LKL adds:
As Charles Montgomery notes in his review:

The translation here seems good (likely done by someone from the UK?), but no translator is named, and there are no explanatory notes of any kind, nor and introduction or conclusion, so a reader is pretty much on their own with this one.

Read a review by Charles Montgomery here. Entry on here.