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Modern Short Stories from Korea

The full text of this collection is now available online on Brother Anthony’s website. Charles Montgomery’s review provides the following information:

“Ten of its 20 stories focus on “love and marriage,” and the rest are characterized as “social stories.” Most demonstrate a kind of depth and lack of didacticism that would soon almost vanish from translated Korean fiction. For that reason alone, this book is an interesting one for fans of Korean literature, since the truly character-driven and non-hortatory remain rare in translated Korean literature even today.”

Contains the following stories:

Hyeon Jin-geon: The Dormitory Inspector and the Love-Letter
Yŏm Sang-sŏp: The Bridle
Kim Mal-bong: Penance
An Su-gil: The green chrysanthemum
Bang In-gon: The Wedding Night that Might Have Been
Jang Deok-jo: Thirty Years
Pak Yong-jun: Repentance
Kim Song: When the Moon Rises
Yi Kwang-su: The Soil (excerpt)
Kim Kwang-ju: A Bad Night
Pak Chong-wha: The Death of Yun Ssi, Mrs. Sin
Kim Dong-in: Sonata Appassionata
Kim Dong-ni: A Mother and Her Sons
Kye Yong-muk: The Pack Horse
Choe Cheong-hui: The Memorial Service on the Mountain
Chun Young-Taik: The Cow / Cattle
Choe Sang-deok: A Puppet
Ham Dae-hun: The Former Sports-Master
Yi Mu-yong: The Mind of an Ox
Yu Chin-ŏ: The Story of Czangnang

(Note – the above list is sourced from Charles’s review which faithfully reproduces the 1950s romanization of the authors’ names. I have brought the romanization more up-to-date where it is obvious who the people are, and probably rashly I have made an assumption that there is a typo in the review or in the book itself: I have guessed that “Hyŏn Sin-Gŏn”, a gent of whom I am otherwise unaware, is in fact A Lucky Day author Hyeon Jin-geon.)

Read a review by Charles Montgomery here. Entry on here.

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