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Collected Short Stories from Korea

Editor: Korean Center of the International P.E.N. Club
Author: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Publisher: , 1961.
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According to Charles Montgomery, this is the second compilation of Korean translated fiction. The collection includes the following stories

An Su-gil: Annals of a Ranch
Choe Cheong-hui: Chomnye
Choi Tae-ung: Blood Phlegm
Chu Yo-seop: Mama and the Boarder
Chun Young-Taik: The Cow
Chun Pi-Sook: Home-coming
Hahn Moo-Sook: Halo around the Moon
Kim Shung-Han: Coming Home
Kim Dong-ni: Greedy Youth
Pak Ke-Ju: Mother’s Breast
Pak Yong-jun: Dilemma
Hwang Sun-won: The Lost Ones
Yi Chu-Hyon: Green Frog
Yu Chuhyǒn : The Weather Chart

The translators are not recorded

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