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The Cry of the Harp and other Korean short stories

Translated by:
Publisher: , 1983.
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Volume 2 of “The Best Korean Short Stories”

Contains the following stories by Choe Cheong-hui:

  • Chomnye
  • Round and Round the Pagoda
  • The Cry of the Harp
  • The Ritual at the Well
LKL says:

Probably not worth tracking down this collection.Strangely, all the stories apart from Cry of the Harp are also included in my copy of Volume 1 of "The Best Korean Short Stories" - the collection entitled The Cruel City. But as noted in the entry there, I think my copy of that volume my be a rogue edition.The other tales are included in the more generous Choe Cheong-hui collection published by Eastbridge, The Cry of the Harp: Selected Works of Choe Chung-Hui

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