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Loess Valley and Other Korean Short Stories

Editor: Korean National Commission for UNESCO
Author: ,
Publisher: , 1983.
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Contains the following stories

Kim Dong-ni: Loess Valley
Kim Dong-ni: The Shaman Painting / Picture of a Shaman Sorceress 
Kim Dong-ni: The Rock
Kim Dong-ni: Two Reservists
Kim Dong-ni: Tŭngsin-bul
Kim Dong-ni: Cry of the magpie
Oh Young-Soo: Seaside Village
Oh Young-Soo: Wild Grapes
Oh Young-Soo: Uncle Soldier
Oh Young-Soo: Adolescence
Oh Young-Soo: Nami and the Taffyman
Oh Young-Soo: The Migratory Bird
Oh Young-Soo: The Girl from an Island
Oh Young-Soo: The Echo

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