A Moment’s Grace: Stories from Korea in Transition

Editor: John Holstein
Author: , , , , , , , ,
Translated by:
Publisher: , 2010.
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A Moment’s Grace presents short stories that depict the core of Korea’s modernization, from Liberation in 1945 to the Seoul Olympics in 1988. The stories here provide a view of the process through the eyes of ordinary people as they were affected by the historical and social forces that formed modern Korea. A separate background chapter affords a description of these forces with the intention of providing the reader with a better understanding of both the stories and the culture that produced them.

Contains the following stories:

Kim Dong-ni: The Shaman Painting (1936)
Kim Dong-ni: Loess Valley (1939)
Hwang Sun-won: The Game Beaters (1948)
Kim Dong-ni: The Visit (1951)
Oh Sang-won: A Moment’s Grace (1955)
Yi Pom-son: The Gulls (1958)
Ch’oe In-hun: House of Idols (1960)
Ch’oe In-hun: End of the Road (1966)
Seo Chong-in: River (1968)
Gong Ji-young: What’s to be done? (1992)
Song Sok-ze / Seong Seok-je: First Love (1995)
Oh Jung-Hee: The Face (1999)

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