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Selected publications by Choi In-hun

Book review: Modern Korean Literature — An Anthology 1908-65

Modern Korean Literature: An Anthology 1908-1965 Edited by Chung Chong-wha Routledge / Kegan Paul International, 1995, 467pp If you are looking to sample Korean literature in translation, the chances are that you’ll find more short stories than full length novels. This collection, though not universally enjoyable, is extremely useful in giving an overview of the … [Read More]

Choi In-hun: Reflections on a mask

Two Novellas, Reflections on a Mask and Christmas Carol, by Choi In-hun (최인훈) tr Stephen Moore & Shi Chung Park Moore Homa & Sekey Books, Dumont, New Jersey 2002. Overall: . The novellas are discussed individually below. (1) Reflections on a Mask, first published 1960 By no means an easy book. The subject is a … [Read More]