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Modern Korean Short Stories

Contains the following stories

Ch’oe In-hun: Laughter (1966) tr Lee Sang-ok
Hahn Moo-Sook: The Angel tr Chung Chong-wha
Hwang Sok-yong: The Road to Sampo (1973) tr Kim Uchang
Hyeon Jin-geon: The Fire tr Kathryn Kisray
Kang Shin-jae: The Young Zelkova Tree (1960) tr Shin Hyun-song
Kim Dong-in: Red Mountain: A Doctor’s Memoir / The Red Hills: A Doctor’s Diary (1932) tr W. E. Skillend
Kim Dong-ni: Two Reservists tr Chung Chong-wha
Oh Sang-won: A Betrayal tr Kim Chong-un
Park Wan-suh: The Crying of an Earthworm tr Kim Hwa Ja
Sŏ Ki-wŏn: The Heir (1963) tr Kathryn Kisray
Son So-hŭi: The Afternoon of Mellow Persimmons tr Angela Chung
Yi Hyo-seok: When the Buckwheat Blooms (1936) tr Shin Hyun-song

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