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Hospital Room 205 and Other Korean Short Stories

Contains the following stories:

Choe Cheong-hui: Hospital room 205 tr Edward D Rockstein
Choe Cheong-hui: When the cricket chirrs tr Kim Chong-un
Hahn Moo-Sook: Shadow tr Richard Rutt
Hahn Moo-Sook: The Rock  tr Chung Chong-hwa
Han Malsook: Mr. Kim, the bohemian minstrel tr Richard Rutt
Im Og-in: The new life tr Sol Sun-bong
Kang Kyŏng-ae: The Underground Village tr Suh Ji-moon, James Wade
Kang Shin-jae: Another eve tr Kim Se-yong
Kang Shin-jae: Nursery tale for a dreary day tr Marshall R. Pihl
Park Kyong-ni: A time of disbelief tr Kim Ki-chung
Park Wan-suh: How I kept our house while my husband was away tr Sol Sun-bong
Son So-hŭi: At the end of the world tr Kim Chong-un

(Available in SOAS library)

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