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Postwar Korean Short Stories: An Anthology

Originally published by Seoul National University Press in 1974

Includes the following stories

Kim Dong-ni: Father and son
Oh Sang-won: A respite
Chang Yong-hak: Poems of John the Baptist
Son Chang-sop: Walking in the snow
Sŏnu Hŭi: One way
Sŏ Ki-wŏn: The uncharted map
Pak Yong-jun: The last parting
Hwang Sun-won: Time for You and Me Alone
Chŏn Kwang-yong : The bandmaster
Hahn Moo-Sook: Among the marching columns
Kwon Tae-ung: The hunchback of Seoul
Yu Chuhyǒn : The Imjin River
Choe Cheong-hui: When the cricket chirrs
Yi Ho-ch’ŏl: The sultriness of a cold evening
Ch’oe In-hun: Christmas carol
Nam Jung-hyun: Chaos
Son So-hŭi: At the end of the world

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