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Flowers of Fire: Twentieth-century Korean Stories

Editor: Peter H Lee
Author: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Publisher: , 1974.
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Contains the following stories:

Hyeon Jin-geon: The Fire
Kim Dong-in: Potatoes / Sweet Potato
Yi Hyo-seok: When the Buckwheat Blooms
Yi Sang: Wings
Kim Dong-ni: The Shaman Painting
Yŏm Sang-sŏp: The last moment.
Hwang Sun-won: Cranes
Son Chang-sop: Rainy Days
An Su-gil: A third kind of man.
Ch’oe So-hae: Point.
Sŏnu Hŭi: Flowers of fire.
Sŏnu Hŭi: The ducks and the insignia.
Yi Pom-son: A Stray Bullet
Hwang Sun-won: The Shower 
Chŏn Kwang-yong : Kapitan Ri
Kang Shin-jae: The Young Zelkova Tree
Yi Ho-cheol : Midnight.
Sŏ Ki-wŏn: The Heir
Chŏng In-hŭi : Illusions of nothingness.
Seo Chong-in: River
Kim Seung-ok: Seoul, 1964, Winter 

LKL says:

Is this the first post-war compilation of Korean literature translated into English published outside of Korea? If so, well done, Peter H Lee and University of Hawai'i Press.We assume Peter H Lee is the translator, but no information is available online.

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