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Panmunjom (Bi-lingual, Vol 26 – South and North)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2013.
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“I—I would like to tell you something,” she stammered, as if mustering all of her remaining courage. “What?” “I have a duty to perform here. It’s something I have to do. You can help me, can’t you? This is our car, right? Please make a decision. What would you like to do? Tell me and I’ll help you make up your mind. What do you want to do?” “Sure, go ahead and try to convince me. Give it your best shot.” “You have to decide for yourself first.” “Don’t you feel a sense of liberation? It has to be the same for both of us. You must feel it.” “This isn’t the time.” “It is the time, and the opportunity, for us, for freedom. This is what freedom means for us. How can I put it—it’s the feeling you get when you break free, when you cast off all restraints. You don’t feel it? You still think I’m talking like a depraved man?” “It is depraved. And it is totally rotten. This is what one has to guard oneself against at all costs. I can’t allow it to get to me.”

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