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What Has Yet to Happen (Bi-lingual, Vol 75 – Taboo and Desire)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2014.
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Kong says if he had known about all of this ahead of time, he would have given up on things like preparing for employment earlier on, and traveled a lot and had slept with women to his heart’s content. Then all of a sudden he blurts out: “Do you know who’s the bitterest person in the world at this moment?” “Well… rich people?” “The person whose last orthodontics appointment is tomorrow.” I laugh loudly. He continues: the man getting discharged from the army service tomorrow; the college prep student receiving his admission letter tomorrow; the head of a family who’s finally able to own a house for the first time tomorrow; the woman giving birth tomorrow; the baby born tomorrow… The people who feel bitter the most aren’t those who already have a lot, but those who have a future to await. “You know, Halley’s Comet.” “Yeah, what about it?”Kong gazes up at the distant sky. “Will it still come here even after the earth’s disappeared?”

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