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Words of Farewell: Stories by Three Korean Women Writers

Editor: Bruce and Ju-chan Fulton
Author: , ,
Translated by: ,
Publisher: , 1989.
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The universal topics of life, death, love, hate, sex, loss of innocence, and other themes, are explored in fiction by 3 Korean writers.

LKL adds: the collection contains the following stories:

Kang Sŏk-gyŏng: A Room in the Woods (1985)
Kang Sŏk-gyŏng: Days and Dreams (1983)
Kim Chi-wŏn: A Certain Beginning
Kim Chi-wŏn: Lullaby
Oh Jung-Hee: Chinatown
Oh Jung-Hee: Evening Game
Oh Jung-Hee: Words of Farewell

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