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Wayfarer: New Fiction by Korean Women

Editor: Bruce + Ju-chan Fulton
Author: , , , , , , ,
Translated by: ,
Publisher: , 1997.
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The eight writers in Wayfarer are among Korea’s best known authors and bring an astonishing breadth of experience and style to the fiction collected here. They explore love and independence, break the bounds of family, are punished and resurgent. A powerful collection that strikes at the heart of what it means to be modern, to be Asian and to be a woman, Wayfarer shows a country and a culture in the midst of earth-shattering change.

Park Wan-suh: Identical Apartments (1974)
Kim Chi-wŏn: Almaden (1979)
Seo Young-eun: Dear Distant Love (1983)
Oh Jung-Hee: Wayfarer (1983)
Kim Min-suk: Scarlet Fingernails (1987)
Ch’oe Yun: The Last of Hanak’o (1992)
Gong Ji-young: Human Decency (1994)
Gong Sun-ok: The Flowering of our Lives (1994)

Note: the collection was updated as The Future of Silence, with four stories added

Kim Ae-ran: “The Future of Silence”
Han Yujoo: “I Am the Scribe—Or Am I” aka “I ain’t necessarily so”
Kim Sagwa: “Today Is One of Those The-More-You-Move-the-Stranger-It-Gets Days, and It’s Simply Amazing”
Ch’on Un-yong: “Ali Skips Rope”

but three stories dropped

Ch’oe Yun: The Last of Hanako
Gong Ji-young: Human Decency
Kim Min-suk: Scarlet Fingernails

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