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Selected publications

  • Pyun Hye-young: The Law of Lines tr Sora Kim-Russell, Arcade Publishing 2020
  • Pyun Hye-young: City of Ash and Red tr Sora Kim-Russell, Arcade Publishing 2018
  • Pyun Hye-young: The Hole tr Sora Kim-Russell, Arcade Publishing 2017

Review: Pyun Hye-young – The Law of Lines

Life was much deeper than he could ever imagine. It was impossible to tell just how far you could sink1 Two apparent suicides in different parts of the country kick-start two separate story-lines which turn out to be interlinked. Se-oh is the daughter of one of the deceased – a man who had fallen into […]

Literary talk with translator Sora Kim-Russell

The KCC’s September literature night is a special event: a Zoom conversation with translator Sora Kim-Russell, focusing on her latest translation to make it into print here, Pyun Hye-young’s The Law of Lines (LKL review here). To make the conversation worthwhile, the KCC expects us all to have read the book in advance. It is […]