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Translations by Kim Chi-young available online

  • Jung Mi-kyung: Memories of Lily-Colored Photographs tr Kim Chi-young, Words Without Borders 2004
  • Kim Young-ha: Moving tr Kim Chi-young, Kim Chi-young 2004

Brief review: Kyung Ran Jo: Tongue

Kyung Ran Jo: Tongue Tr Chi-young Kim Korean version 2007 English version Bloomsbury 2009 A lightweight and enjoyable book set among the foodies and fashionistas of Kangnam. A talented young cook is ditched by her trendy architect boyfriend, and spends much of the book getting over it, in a way that is a pleasure to […]

Suicide Notes – a brief review of Kim Young-ha’s I Have the Right to Destroy Myself

Kim Young-ha: I have the right to destroy myself Originally published 1996 Translation by Kim Chi-young, Harcourt, 2007 An entertaining book to read, but somehow difficult to distill and digest. The narrator, who makes a macabre living as a self-employed suicide counselor, bizarrely seeks out clients whose exits he facilitates. A small and eccentric cast […]