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Chinese upset in kimchi cabbage row

Kimchi Cabbage“The Koreans stole Dano from us, and now they’re stealing our cabbages,” say Chinese netizens, according to the Korea Times, following a report that the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission will decide to adopt the name “kimchi cabbage” as an international standard for the cabbage formerly known as “Chinese”.

2 thoughts on “Chinese upset in kimchi cabbage row

  1. I love this development! I have been very reluctant to use the terminology of ‘Chinese cabbage’ . I always confused vendors by saying Kimchi cabbage or eastern cabbage. It has been called Chinese leaves (cabbage) only because the west got to know China better and earlier than they knew of Korea. Hurray for this.

    I love you my Chinese friends, but you must admit if we measure the daily consumption of cabbage per person, Korea would beat any nation in the world!

  2. I think that the name should be changed from Chinese cabbage to Kimchi cabbage.
    I have some reasons for the name change, of course.

    First ground is the change in appearance. It’s true that seeds grow differently according to the climate and surroundings even though the original seed is come from the other place. In reality, the shape of Chinese cabbages that are cultivated in Korea has changed. As its leaves tend to grow to the center while that of Chinese cabbage grow outward.
    Second reason is that Kimchi is the most well-known Korean dish. Many Koreans eat Kimchi on a daily basis and it is well-recognized among foreigners as Korean food. Imagine! One of the most Korean foods is made with Chinese ingredients? Sound strange. It doesn’t make sense to me. 🙁

    In conclusion, it’s fare to change the name and have our own name of cabbage. And I expect Kimchi will get more public confidence and popularity as a global food. 🙂

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