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September events 2021

September events

Things are starting to get busier again…

Special events



  • Sung Im Her opens the Festival of Korean Dance on 17 and 18 September
  • Company SIGA is the second and final act in the Festival of Korean Dance, 23 and 24 September
  • At the Wigmore, the Esme Quartet will be giving a coffee concert on 19 September, and Esther Yoo and Yekwon Sunwoo give a violin recital on 20 September.
  • If you haven’t got tickets for Seongjin Cho at the Wigmore on 25 October you’re probably too late

Online events

Books expected this month

Everything Else

And don’t forget: you have until 1 October to submit your entries for the 2021 UCLan IKSU Korean Literature Review Contest.

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