SOAS CKS seminar series Q1 2021

SOAS has released details of their Q1 Friday evening seminars. Click on the lecture titles below to be taken to the detailed information on the SOAS website, where you will also find registration links for the talks, which will be held via Zoom. SOAS CKS Seminar Programme January – March 2021 29 January 2021, 5pm […]

Crime and Punishment in Chosŏn Korea

Three years ago SOAS held a conference entitled Historians, clerks and accountants: Methodological issues in the use of sources on Chosŏn History. One of the more interesting elements of that day was a consideration of court records of criminal trials and a discussion of Joseon dynasty autopsy techniques. The speaker, Kim Ho, returns this Friday […]

Dec 07 BAKS conference report #2: Anders Karlsson

Dr Anders Karlsson – Lecturer in Korean, SOAS Royal benevolence and disaster relief in Choson Korea No abstract is available Notes (the usual caveats about my amateur efforts apply) AK started with a brief account of the severe floods in Pyongan province in 1859. The records indicate that the central government sent an “admonishing magistrate” […]