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A Journey under the Moonlight (Bi-lingual, Vol 39 – Tradition)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2013
Original title: 월행
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“The man lifted his eyes up at the mound. In his mind he could see the corpse of his wife. She was flat on her back, stark naked, a dagger stuck in her groin. Because she had their first baby her stomach had looked unusually bloated. The man felt powerless as his lips parted and he began to sob, the feelings rising from the bottom of his heart, building with every mound he had visited, finally gushing forth in a violent cascade. The man wailed as he dug up his wife’s corpse. The old man heaved a deep sigh. ‘Hell, for all the misbegotten people in this world, still…’ It was always his wife’s dead body that the man had thought about. When he jabbed the back of that man’s head with a sickle, when he threw the hammer at the official announcement board, when he was working as a butcher, when he was looking for that runaway bitch, when he gulped down shot after shot of cheap soju, he was always picturing his dead wife.”

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