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Communicating Food in Korea

From the publisher’s website:

An in-depth investigation of the complex relationships among food, culture, and society, Communicating Food in Korea features contributors from a variety of disciplines, including economics, political science, communication studies, nutrition research, tourism research, and more. Each chapter presents a unique interpretation of food’s economic, political, and sociocultural relevance. Situated in Korea’s shifting historical contexts, contributors explore themes, such as colonialism, food symbolism, gastronationalism, multiculturalism, food tourism, food security, and food sovereignty to research the ways food intersects with social issues in Korean society.

Jaehyeon Jeong is assistant professor (lecturer) of communication at the University of Utah Asia Campus.

Joong-Hwan Oh is professor of sociology at Hunter College of The City University of New York.


Introduction | Jaehyeon Jeong and Joong-Hwan Oh

Part I: From Colonialism and Hunger to Food Sovereignty

Chapter 1: Reclamation Projects and Development of Agricultural Land in Colonial Korea | Chaisung Lim
Chapter 2: The Narrative of Post-Childhood and Memories of Food: Study on the Symbolism of Food in Korean Postwar Formation Novels | Soh-yon Yi
Chapter 3: Addressing the Agri-Food Crisis in Korea: Implications of Food Sovereignty and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants | Byeong-Seon Yoon and Wonkyu Song

Part II: National Cuisine in the Era of Globalization

Chapter 4: Food and Nationalism: Kimchi and Korean National Identity | Hong Sik Cho
Chapter 5: Buddhist Temple Food in South Korea: Interests and Agency in the Reinvention of Tradition in the Age of Globalization | Seungsook Moon
Chapter 6: The Reinvention of Traditional Cuisine as Counterculture | Jeehee Kim
Chapter 7 Taste of Korea: Governmental Discourse on National Cuisine and its Articulation of Nation-ness | Jaehyeon Jeong

Part III: Food Practices in Multicultural Korea

Chapter 8: Globalization of Halal food: A Study on its Diffusion into and Export from South Korea | Hyunseo Park and Youngmin Lee
Chapter 9: Intrahousehold Discrepancy Regarding Food Insecurity within Intermarried Couples of Vietnamese Wives and Korean Husbands in South Korea | Haney Choi, Hye Won Chung, Ji-Yun Hwang, and Namsoo Chang
Chapter 10: A study on Multi-Cultural Family Wives Adapting to Korean Cuisine and Dietary Patterns | Youngil Park, Hee Sun Jeong, and Nami Joo

Part IV: Food Tourism and Food Crisis

Chapter 11: Exploring Tourists Korean Food Satisfaction across Culture, Gender, and Education: Using Secondary Data from International Visitor Survey | Jee Hye Lee
Chapter 12: Perceived Value, Importance of Nutrition Information, and Behavioral Intention for Food Tourism in Busan | Joung-Min Son, Eun-Jin Lee, and Hak-Seon Kim
Chapter 13: Toward a Regional Level of Food Security in East Asia: Lessons from the 2007-08 Rice Crisis | Dong-Yeob Kim

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