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Korean Food Television and the Korean Nation

From the publisher’s website:

This book examines the historical development of Korean food TV and its articulation of Koreanness in the era of globalization. Jaehyeon Jeong defines the evolution of Korean food TV as an outcome of the conjuncture between the television industry’s structural changes, the shift in food’s landscape and cultural legitimacy, and various sociocultural, political, and economic transformations. In addition, Jeong reveals how the state appropriates the banality of food to raise South Korea’s global image and how it utilizes domestic television to disseminate statist discourse of the nation. Understanding discourses of national cuisine as reflective of and formative of discourses of the nation, he argues that the growth of discourses of national cuisine is symptomatic of the struggle for nationness in a globalized world.

Jaehyeon Jeong teaches in the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University.


Chapter 1 The History of Korean Food TV and Its Social Situatedness

Chapter 2 The Explosion of Food TV

Chapter 3 Government, Food Industry, and Television Production

Chapter 4 The Struggle for Nationness in the Era of Globalization

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