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Developmental Dictatorship and the Park Chung-Hee Era: The Shaping of Modernity in the Republic of Korea

From the publisher’s website:

By examining the most controversial Park Chung-hee period (1961-1979), Developmental Dictatorship and the Park Chung-hee Era helps the reader rediscover the socioeconomic origins of modern Korea. The essays in this book written by twelve noted Korean social scientists discuss the relationship between South Korea’s economic development and totalitarianism in the form of the Park dictatorship.

About the editor

Lee Byeong-cheon holds a PhD in economics from Seoul National University. He is a professor in the Department of Economics and International Trade at Kangwon National University. Dr. Lee was a visiting professor at University of California, Berkeley.

LKL adds: the book contains the following chapters:

Lee Byeong-cheon: The political economy of developmental dictatorship
Seo Ick-jin: Industrialization in South Korea
Lee Sang-cheol: Industrial policy in the Park Chung-hee Era
Cho Young-chol: The Chaebol Regime and the developmental coalition of domination
Yoo Chul-gyue: Political and Institutional Conditions of Financial Repression
Kim Sam-soo: Labor Policy and Industrial Relations in the Park Chung-hee Era
Lee Joung-woo: Developmental Dictatorship
Lee Chong-suk: The Yushin Regime and the National Division Structure
Han Hong-koo: South Korea and the Vietnam War
Hong Seong-tae: Oppressive Modernization and the Risk Society
Chin Jung-kwon: The Dead Dictator’s Society
Hong Yun-gi: Park Chung-hee in the Age of Democratization

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