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The Korean Developmental State

Publisher: , 2020
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From the publisher’s website:

This book analyzes, from a historical comparative perspective, the Korean economic development model, the extent to which it has changed from its classical model, and what constitutes its changes and continuity. Unlike studies claims the dissolution of Korean developmentalism, the book holds that the Korean state maintains its characteristics of state-led capitalism despite significant changes in policies and instruments rather than converge toward an AngloSaxon-style free market system. It emphasizes that the continuity of state-led capitalism is compatible with institutional change. Some institutionalists insist that the continuity of Korean developmentalism is based on path dependency. In contrast, this book argues that Korean capitalism could sustain its state developmentalism by changes in policies and instruments to improve national industrial competitiveness in the changed context of international competition. This book will be of interest to East Asian scholars, comparative economists, and those curious about the future of the Korean peninsula.

Kyung Mi Kim earned a Ph.D. at Seoul National University, South Korea, in 2017, and now works as a research professor in the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program at the same institution. She co-authored a journal article titled, “The State’s Role in Globalization: Korea’s Experience from a Comparative Perspective” published in Politics & Society in 2017.


Current Debates and Theoretical Arguments
Characteristics of Korean Economic Growth
The Traditional Korean Political Economic Model
Change and Continuity of the Korean Developmental Model
Politics of Evolution

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