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Love in Sa Pa (K-Fiction special)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2020
Original title: 사파에서, 2020
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A love that has no beginning and no end. The story of Sapa’s ‘Love Market’ where unrequited love meets. A very special romance with the literary prototype of writer Bang Hyun-seok, who loves the world and cares for people. Bang Hyun-seok’s 『At Sapa』 was published as a K-Fiction special edition. His new work, the story of Sapa’s ‘Love Market’, is the story of Sapa, who has always deeply delved into the people we should remember and lived in harmony with the times. 『In Sapa』 is a very special romance novel that contains the literary prototype of writer Bang Hyun-seok, who has dealt with the loneliness of a human being who has never lowered his pride in the face of any threats. This work, with its delicate and lyrical style, is both a question and an answer to the difficult reality of love. Poet Lee Soo-myung wrote 『In Sapa』, “It is an image like a poem. And as much as the tender beauty of the world around them, the apocalyptic love between the two is serene and fatal.” 『In Sapa』 was first translated into Japanese and Vietnamese before being published in Korea. Hoon-a Kim, a translator of the Japanese version, said, “Sapa is a place where you can endure the year with just one day of passion and endure the pain of each day with the sweet memories and anticipation of that day. It may be those memories and passions that keep us alive.” “I decided to read and translate at once,” said Nguyen Thi Hien, a Vietnamese translator and professor at Ho Chi Minh University.

Source: Kyobo / Google translate

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