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Twofold Song (bilingual)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2004
Original title: 두겹의 노래, 2004
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Our lives are twofold in that they can be both lonely and not lonely. The whole world is twofold and it consists of men and women. When a man meets a woman, and together they create a oneness, it is called love. The infinite twofoldness of love, however, frustrates lovers who want to become and remain onefold. Twofold Song talks about love and desire to show us that our lives and the world we live in are composed of ‘twofolds’.

From one of Korea’s most distinguished authors in the modern era comes Twofold Song, the story of a couple who ceaselessly try and express their love artistically in author Yi Mun-yol’s poetic short story. Sublime and resplendent with rich connotative analogies, Twofold Song has all the markings of Yi’s careful, brush-like writing style and serene plot development.

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