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Militarized Modernity and Gendered Citizenship in South Korea

From the publisher’s website:

This pathbreaking study presents a feminist analysis of the politics of membership in the South Korean nation over the past four decades. Seungsook Moon examines the ambitious effort by which South Korea transformed itself into a modern industrial and militarized nation. She demonstrates that the pursuit of modernity in South Korea involved the construction of the anticommunist national identity and a massive effort to mold the populace into useful, docile members of the state. This process, which she terms “militarized modernity,” treated men and women differently. Men were mobilized for mandatory military service and then, as conscripts, utilized as workers and researchers in the industrializing economy. Women were consigned to lesser factory jobs, and their roles as members of the modern nation were defined largely in terms of biological reproduction and household management.

Moon situates militarized modernity in the historical context of colonialism and nationalism in the twentieth century. She follows the course of militarized modernity in South Korea from its development in the early 1960s through its peak in the 1970s and its decline after rule by military dictatorship ceased in 1987. She highlights the crucial role of the Cold War in South Korea’s militarization and the continuities in the disciplinary tactics used by the Japanese colonial rulers and the postcolonial military regimes. Moon reveals how, in the years since 1987, various social movements—particularly the women’s and labor movements—began the still-ongoing process of revitalizing South Korean civil society and forging citizenship as a new form of membership in the democratizing nation.

Seungsook Moon is Associate Professor of Sociology at Vassar College.


Introduction: The Gender Politics of Nation Building and Citizenship in South Korea 1

PART I. Militarized Modernity and Gendered Mass Mobilization, 1963–1987

  1. The Historical Roots and the Rise of Militarized Modernity
  2. Mobilized to Be Martial and Productive: Men’s Subjection to the Nation and the Masculine Subjectivity of Family Provider
  3. Marginalized in Production and Mobilized to Be Domestic: Women’s Incorporation into the Nation

PART II. The Decline of Militarized Modernity and the Trajectories of Gendered Citizenship, 1988–2002

  1. The Decline of Militarized Modernity and the Rise of the Discourse of Democratization
  2. The Trajectory of Men’s Citizenship as Shaped by Military and Economic Mobilization
  3. The Trajectory of Women’s Citizenship as Shaped by Their Economic Marginalization as Reproducers

Conclusion: Modernity, Gender, and Citizenship

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