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Mrs. Brown (Bi-lingual, Vol 45 – Avant Garde)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2013
Original title: 브라운 부인, 2008

“Her husband stared at her coldly. She was disappointed to find that he was so inflexible. He was having trouble accepting the situation he was in as his own. Perhaps he resented the fact that white people like him, rather than people of color, were putting them through this ordeal. Or maybe he was just angry that he couldn’t get ready for his business trip the next day. He was supposed to give a guest lecture at a conference in Chicago. Anyway, what disappointed her most was the fact that she couldn’t feel the value of having a husband in such a moment of crisis. Nevertheless, it was at least fortunate that her short-tempered husband hadn’t lost his self-control and exploded with anger.”

THis is an edition that’s pretty much impossible to find, but fortunately it’s in the Dalkey volume A Most Ambiguous Sunday.

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