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Akeldama (Bi-lingual, Vol 41 – Avant Garde)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2013.
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“What an unbearable hell. But I feel like I didn’t avoid it. I didn’t give up… I guess I can be proud that I managed to survive this hell. That’s right!” Judas was thinking about this, while he lost consciousness, trying to strain a few drops of honey and meanings from what he had just been through. “I saw everything clearly. Now I feel fine, even if someone were to criticize me or curse me. My hell is over now. I feel as if I am lying within a well of happiness. I have to look at everything clearly until the end.” The day became bright. The morning sunrays danced along the ridge of the Valley of Hinnom. “Rabbi, if thou truly wantst it, please takest thou the thirty silver shekels. Please takest thou them now!”

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