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Spring Night (Bi-lingual, Vol 55 – Family)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2014.
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Although Su-hwan spoke like this, he thought that since his illness was extending his denominator to infinity, his value was not only smaller than 1, but also approaching zero. No, it was not even just his illness. Since he had met Yeong-gyeong at the age of forty-three, he hadn’t done anything much for Yeong-gyeong other than piggyback her when she was drunk. Therefore, even before his denominator had begun expanding like this, the value of his numerator had become quite insignificant. But he felt it wise not to say such a thing to Yeong-gyeong now. Su-hwan thought that helping Yeong-gyeong go out now would be a way to increase his numerator, a way to make his value ever so much bigger.

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